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Democracy in Ontario needs an overhaul!

For too long, citizens and voters have been forced to live with unaccountable, false majority governments and partisan-driven politics in Ontario.

It’s time for a citizen-empowered democracy in Ontario! 

We are seeking a transformation that values evidence-based decision-making―and gives citizens a stronger voice on the policies that affect our lives.

Fair Vote Ontario calls on the parties to commit to deliver:


False majorities, most voters elect no-one

In June 2018, 40.5% of Ontario voters handed a single party 100% of the power.

This isn’t a new problem. In fact, the last time a “majority” government in Ontario was elected by a majority of voters was in 1937.

Skewed results and voters shut out are the norm. In almost every election in Ontario, the majority of voters elect no-one.

Winner-take-all voting has negative effects on democratic participation, the tone of our politics, policy development and governance.

It’s time to Make Every Vote Count! We want you to be part of it.

Fair Vote Ontario is a citizens’ campaign for proportional representation – part of Fair Vote Canada.

We support a new Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. You can learn more about the principles of how a citizens’ assembly works on our site about a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

To stay up-to-date with the campaign, make sure you have signed the Declaration of Voters’ Rights! 



On this page you will find:

  • Ontario campaign graphics. Make sure you follow Fair Vote Ontario on social media!
  • Updates related to the positions and activities of Ontario’s political parties on electoral reform

Check out the evidence for proportional representation related to health, environment, equality and economy: Building Better Democracy!

Read recent Ontario provincial press releases and blogs


Electoral Reform and a Citizen-Empowered Democracy Event!

Watch our June 28, 2021 discussion of moving ahead with electoral reform a new citizens’ assembly in Ontario! Guest speakers: Ontario NDP Democratic Reform Critic and House Leader Peggy Sattler, Ontario Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Kate Graham, Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, citizen engagement expert Megan Mattes, and youth leader Dolly Cepeda Montufar! 

Shareable graphics

Find below a few graphics with numbers specifically related to Ontario provincially.

There are many, many more graphics about the problems with winner-take-all voting and the benefits of proportional representation that would broadly apply to any level of government on the Fair Vote Canada facebook page under photos!

Ontario’s Political Parties on Proportional Representation since 2018


Ontario Liberal Party

The Ontario Liberal Party has no position on electoral reform yet but is engaging Ontario voters about their election 2022 platform right now!

In March 2021, many proportional representation supporters participated in their online consultation open to all Ontarians called #TaketheMic. Participants could rank their support for many different policy ideas and leave comments. Over 93% of participants supported PR and the participation that topic was high. (Support for winner-take-all ranked ballots provincially was low).



Ontario NDP

The Ontario NDP’s policy book includes a policy for Mixed Member Proportional Representation, but they have not prioritized this policy in past elections. The Ontario NDP has been showing renewed interest in proportional representation over the past three years. Watch NDP Democratic Reform Critic Peggy Sattler connect proportional representation to better outcomes on COVID 19, Fair Vote Canada’s case for building better democracy, collaboration, and citizen engagement in the Ontario Legislature October 5, 2020. Starting at 8:00 in the video:

Authorized by Fair Vote Canada, a registered third party advertiser with Elections Ontario for the Ontario provincial election.

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