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Ontario needs proportional representation!

In June 2022, Ontario’s voting system gave a single party with 41% of the vote 100% of the power. Voter turnout was 43.5%, meaning a “majority” government was elected by less than 18% of eligible voters.

False majorities are not a new problem. In fact, the last time a “majority” government in Ontario was elected by a majority of voters was in 1937.

Skewed results and voters shut out are the norm. In almost every election in Ontario, most votes just don’t count and the majority of voters elect no-one.

Winner-take-all voting has negative effects on the tone of our politics, policy development and governance. We need a transformation that gives citizens a stronger voice on the policies that affect our lives.

It’s time for proportional representation in Ontario.

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Read our press release on Ontario’s 2022 election:

We need a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform!
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More on the 2022 Ontario election:

Policy lurch with winner-take-all voting in Ontario:

Drastic policy lurch as one government is replaced by its opposite—and the uncertainty and instability it creates—is endemic to winner-take-all voting. Read more here, and see some recent examples below.


Poll shows strong opposition to one-party decision-making on electoral reform for Ontario and majority support for
a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform


November 2021 polling by Leger commissioned by Fair Vote Canada shows a majority reject one-party decision-making on electoral reform, support a Citizens’ Assembly and the principle of proportional representation. See highlights of the poll below and the full poll here.


This includes 75% of Ontario Liberal Party voters, 72% of NDP voters, 78% of PC voters and 87% of Green voters who oppose one-party decision-making on electoral reform.

This includes support for a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform from 60% of Ontario Liberal Party voters, 70% of NDP voters, 61% of PC voters and 71% of Green voters.

Support for proportional representation included 79% of Ontario Liberal voters, 86% of NDP, 77% of PC voters and 72% of Green Party voters.

Party platforms in Ontario’s 2022 election:

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