Handouts and References

This page is divided into two main sections.

  • The first consists of basic materials that can be used to introduce oneself to the subject matter or as handouts for public education.
  • The second points to sources of more detailed and analysis for those who want to dig deeper.

Handouts and Basic Documents

We recommend all or any of the following for use as general handouts:

  • Here, to begin with, is the form you will need for tabling and other initiatives when collecting Declarations of Voters’ Rights. Invite your friends and neighbours to sign and be part of our movement.
  • Fair Vote Canada’s Tabloid. Our tabloid, illustrated below, has been FVC’s standard handout for years. It is quite comprehensive and can be ordered from our ED as required.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is another Fair Vote Canada standby. This 6 page document addresses a wide range of questions and includes responses to the most commons myths about PR. 
  • A tri-fold, such as this one, gives people something more compact to take away while covering all the bases. You can ask for help to design a similar tri-fold designed specifically for your own province or region. You can see what has already been done in this vein in our Tri-folds folder on the Chapter Resources Google Drive. A geographically-specific tri-fold like this can be used to drive home a particularly powerful message in regions that have been essentially swept by one party – of which there are many! The example for the Greater Toronto area provincial election in 2014 is a case in point.
  • A Look at the Evidence (9 pages), provides a review of the empirical evidence in favour of PR from around the world.
  • The Case for Support is glossy handout filled with beautiful graphics that was developed for fundraising and as a lobbying handout with MPs in 2016.
  • Commissions, Assemblies and Reports is available in two versions. It provides a review of the multiple commissions, assemblies and reports on PR in Canada since 1923 – a useful riposte for those who call for us to be patient and not rush into reforming our electoral system! The link provided is to the abridged handout version of this document. From there, you can click on the link in footnote 1 to access the longer version and all of the links contained therein.

FVC also makes handouts to measure for specific campaigns but can be customized for other campaigns such as the upcoming federal campaign in 2019 or other provincial campaigns.

  • This link will take you to the principal resources developed for the BC referendum campaign in 2018, including postcards and flyers that could be customized for use in other provinces of for the upcoming federal campaign in 2019.
  • In  Québec, and more generally for French language material, consult the Mouvement démocratie nouvelle website, in particular their Documentation page.

Reference Documents

The basic documents above are likely to more than suffice for most people and there is more to be found, as well, under the What is PR? Button of this website.

That said, one reason that people turn to FVC is for our expertise on proportional representation and many of our members develop extensive expertise and research skills on PR over the years. Below are document and references that may be of special interest to the most dedicated FVC members and supporters.

Information on Fair Vote Canada

For information on Fair Vote Canada, please refer to our Google Drive folder of public documents relating to the fundamentals of our organization.  Among the key documents you will find there are:

PR in Canada

  • Commissions, Assemblies and Reports (the unabridged version) is one of the better place to begin to appreciate the body of work that has accumulated on PR over the years. This report includes basic on information on major electoral reform initiatives since 1923 including links to the reports that were produced when we could find them. Most of the reports are also available in chronological order in pdf format in our Google Drive folder on this subject.
  • FVC’s brief to the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform in 2016 and its 12 appendices was also intended as a general resource.  This link provides easy access to each component of that submission.
  • Simulations of a wide range of PR models for Canada are likely to interest may of our supporters. This link takes you to a Google Doc listing several tools worth exploring. We suggest you start with Byron Weber Becker’s simulations, listed at the top, which is the most comprehensive set of simulations currently available.
  • Election results over the years make for great sleuthing about the distortions and oddities of FPTP. Here’s a collection of Google Sheets that bring together our work to date in bringing the data together in a visually convenient way. Wikipedia is a great source of additional information on individual elections and in all of these tables, there are Wikipedia links attached to the date of each election in the tables.
  • The Alternative Vote (or Instant Runoff Voting): It’s no solution for the democratic deficit (4 pages) will help you to understand that perennial rival of PR, the Alternative Vote, as a solution to Canada’s democratic deficit. This document outlines Fair Vote Canada’s position on ranked ballot in single member ridings established in August 2009. For a more recent take on the issue, see Réal Lavergne’s Briefing Note On AV Messaging for Those Who Believe in PR (2015).

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