Handouts and References

This page is divided into two main sections:

  • The first flags basic materials that can be used to introduce oneself to the subject matter or as handouts for public education.
  • The second points to sources of more detailed and analysis for those who want to dig deeper.

Handouts and Basic Documents

We recommend all or any of the following for use as general handouts:

FVC also makes handouts to measure for specific campaigns. These additions to our inventory can later be customized for other campaigns such as the upcoming federal campaign in 2019 or other provincial campaigns.

Reference Documents

The basic documents above are likely to more than suffice for most people, in addition to what can be found under the “What is PR?” tab of this website.

That said, one reason that people turn to FVC is for our expertise on proportional representation and many of our members develop extensive expertise and research skills on PR over the years. Below are document and references that may be of special interest to the most dedicated FVC members and supporters.

Information on Fair Vote Canada

For information on Fair Vote Canada, please refer to our Google Drive folder of public documents relating to the fundamentals of our organization.  Among the key documents you will find there are:

PR in Canada

Other Canadian websites of special interest

Information by country


Other links and references

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