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Fair Vote Canada’s Submission to the federal Electoral Reform Committee (ERRE)

Summary of Brief to the ERRE 
Appendix 1 – A Look at the Evidence
Appendix 2 – Myths and Facts about Proportional representation
Appendix 3 – Most Democracies Moving To PR
Appendix 4 – Electoral Systems and Incumbency
Appendix 5 – Timetable to PR
Appendix 6 – Values and Analysis Based on Five Key Consultative Processes
Appendix 7 – Reflections on Past Processes
Appendix 8 – Democratic Nominations
Appendix 9 – Statement by FVC’s Rural and Small-Urban Caucus
Appendix 10 – Made-in-Canada MMP
Appendix 11 – Made-in-Canada STV
Appendix 12 – Rural-Urban PR (in BC submission called “Flexible District PR”)

Resources for Teachers – Democracy and Voting Systems Lesson Plan

This lesson plan for introductory secondary school civics and social studies classes can easily be modified for other grade levels.

Download the materials:

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