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Handouts and References

This page is divided into two main sections:

  • The first flags basic materials that can be used to introduce oneself to the subject matter or as handouts for public education.
  • The second points to sources of more detailed and analysis for those who want to dig deeper.

Handouts and Basic Documents

Our handouts change over the years, and are tailored to each place and current political situation. So we don’t have handouts you can just print off. If you’d like to table for Fair Vote Canada, or are attending an event you can hand out information, please contact [email protected] so we can suggest the most appropriate handout!

  • Frequently Asked Questions is another Fair Vote Canada standby. This 6-page document addresses a wide range of questions and includes responses to the most commons myths about PR. 
  • Here’s a generic tri-fold developed by the National Capital Region Chapter that can serve as a compact handout that covers all the bases. It is possible to design a similar tri-fold designed specifically for your own province or region such as that shown on the right some of which are included in our Tri-folds folder on the Chapter Resources Google Drive. A geographically-specific tri-fold can be used to drive home a powerful message in regions that have been swept primarily by one party!
  • Why Proportional Representation? A Look at the Evidence provides a review of the empirical evidence in favour of PR from around the world.
  • User Guide to PR Options for BC was produced as part of the runup to the 2018 BC referendum. It provides a useful guide to PR systems options for Canada. 
  • Commissions, Assemblies and Reports provides an overview of the multiple commissions, assemblies and reports on PR in Canada since 1923 and a useful riposte to those who call for us to be patient and not rush into reforming our electoral system! 

Reference Documents

One reason that people turn to FVC is for our expertise on proportional representation. Below are document and references that may be of special interest for those doing a “deep dive” into proportional representation.

PR in Canada

Other Canadian websites of special interest

Information by country


Other links and references

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