Acting Executive Director/Action Coordinator: Anita Nickerson [email protected]
President: Réal Lavergne [email protected]
Fundraiser: Tamara Arden
Bookkeeper: Jennifer Ross [email protected]

Address Fair Vote Canada 88 North Drive Kitchener, Ontario N2M 1K8

BC Referendum Campaign

FVC BC President: Gisela Ruckert, [email protected], 778-220-5036
Greater Vancouver Organizer: Keith Poore, [email protected],  604-401-6419

Media Enquiries

President: Réal Lavergne – [email protected]613-413-2950
Electoral Expert: Wilfred Day – [email protected]905-885-5456

BC Campaign Media Enquiries: Keith Poore: [email protected],  604-401-6419; Gisela Ruckert: [email protected], 778-220-5036.

Find a speaker

Looking for a speaker for your group, club, classroom, or event? We’ll come out and give a presentation of any length tailored to your group’s needs!  Contact [email protected].

Find a chapter or start one

Get involved in your community.  Find your local chapter or team below.  If there isn’t a chapter or team in your area, start one today — it’s easier than you think! Dedicated individuals working in teams and chapters do some of the most important work of our grassroots organization. Teams can do as little or as much as their members have time for— it does not need to be a huge commitment. Every effort moves us towards winning a fair electoral system. ALBERTA [email protected] Web site Facebook Calgary – facebook group (closed group- please request to join!) BRITISH COLUMBIA FVC-BC: Gisela Ruckert, President [email protected] [email protected] (John) [email protected] (Antionette) [email protected] (Rosemary) [email protected] (Barb) Facebook group [email protected] (Ellen) [email protected] (Kathleen) [email protected] (Gisela) Facebook [email protected] (Terry) [email protected] (Bill) [email protected] (Peter) Facebook [email protected] (Ann) [email protected] (Sharon) | Facebook [email protected] (Diana) Facebook [email protected] (Bill) prin[email protected] (Jay) [email protected] (Bob) [email protected] (Bet) [email protected] (Sabina) [email protected] (Iain) | Facebook [email protected] (Rick) | Facebook MANITOBA [email protected] (Evan) | Facebook [email protected] (Layne) NEW BRUNSWICK [email protected] (Sandy) [email protected] (Andrew, David) NOVA SCOTIA [email protected] | Web site [email protected] (Linda) ONTARIO [email protected] (Ken) [email protected] (Amanda) [email protected] (Lynne) [email protected] (Dan) [email protected] (Tyler) [email protected] (Mark) [email protected] (Rick) [email protected] (Brenna) [email protected] (Wilf Day, 905-885-5456) | Facebook [email protected] (Patricia McGrail) [email protected] (Alanna Morgan) [email protected] (Ken Szijarto, 705-327-5070) | Facebook [email protected] (Dawson) [email protected] | Facebook [email protected] | Web site | Facebook [email protected] (Dan Desson) | Facebook NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION: [email protected] (Ted Cragg, 819-598=9164) | Web site | Facebook PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND [email protected] (Brenda Oslawsky) Facebook QUEBEC [email protected] (Cym Gomery) fvclowerla[email protected] (Samuel Leclerc) SASKATCHEWAN [email protected] (Nancy Carswell) | Web site YUKON [email protected]

Fair Vote Canada National Council

Fair Vote Canada is governed by a democratically elected National Council of 15 persons. Five people are elected each year to a three-year term using the Single Transferable Vote (STV), a proportional voting system. Meet our national council.

National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board is comprised of prominent Canadians from a wide variety of backgrounds and political viewpoints. Appointed by the National Council, the members of the Advisory Board provide advice, assist with strategy and contacts, and publicly support Fair Vote Canada. The members of the Advisory Board are: white

  • Rick Anderson
  • Dr. Lloyd Axworthy
  • Dr. Patricia Baird
  • Maude Barlow
  • Dr. Sylvia Bashevkin
  • Robert Bateman
  • Dr. Marie Bountrogianni
  • Patrick Boyer
  • Ed Broadbent
  • Nathalie Des Rosiers
  • Linda Silver Dranoff
  • Dr. Phyllis Grosskurth
  • Jim Harris
  • Dr. Vincent Lemieux
  • Robin Mathews
  • Audrey McLaughlin, PC, OC
  • Dr. Henry Milner
  • The Hon. Lorne Nystrom, PC
  • Dr. Sylvia Ostry, CC, OM, FRSC
  • Stephen Owen, PC
  • Dr. Dennis Pilon
  • Walter Pitman, OC, O.Ont
  • Bob Rae, PC, OC, OOnt, QC
  • Judy Rebick
  • Walter Robinson
  • Dr. Norman Ruff
  • Sen. Nancy Ruth, CM
  • Rick Salutin
  • Sen. Hugh Segal, CM
  • David Suzuki, CC, OBC
  • Dr. John Trent
  • Ted White
  • The Very Rev., The Hon. Lois Wilson, CC, O.Ont
  • Patricia Lane