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Canada election 2021 pie charts how we voted what we got

Canada’s 2021 election: first past the post cheats voters across Canada

The results of this election once again demonstrate that Canada’s archaic voting system is fundamentally incapable of giving voters what they voted for.

Our skewed voting system has, incredibly, given the Liberal Party 39 more seats than the Conservative Party despite almost 288,000 fewer Liberal voters than Conservative voters. Clearly, some votes carry more weight than others.

The Bloc got 34 seats with 7.8% of the votes. The NDP got 25 seats with 17.7% of the vote.

The Conservatives got 119 seats with 34.0% of the vote. The Liberals got 158 seats with 32.2% of the vote.

The Liberals have no mandate to govern alone, with only 32% of the votes. This election has left Justin Trudeau’s Liberals exactly where they started: forced to play nicely with others. 

Five out of the last seven governments have been minority governments. The message couldn’t be clearer: Canadians want an end to the political games. We want parties to start working together to solve our problems.

The way to ensure that is through proportional representation.

In June 2021, a breakthrough occurred when a Parliamentary Committee voted to study a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. 

Then the snap election was called.

It’s crucial that this work to convene a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform starts again now―as a top priority.

We urge the parties to get back to work on a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform immediately.

NOTE: Fair Vote Canada will be providing detailed simulations of the election results using made-for-Canada proportional representation in the next few days, as numbers are finalized.

The numbers in this release were accurate as of 4:12 am Eastern according to the Elections Canada website, but slight changes can be expected as final votes are counted.

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