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New Brunswick election 2020

New Brunswick needs proportional representation!


In the fall of 2020, PC Premier Blaine Higgs, then in a minority government, gambled on a snap election. The gamble paid off, thanks to first-past-the-post. New Brunswick’s first-past-the-post voting system gave a single party with 41% of the vote 100% of the power.

False majorities are not a new problem. In fact, the last time a “majority” government in New Brunswick was elected by a majority of voters was in 1999. In most elections in New Brunswick about half of all votes just don’t count and results do not reflect how people voted.

We need a transformation that gives citizens a stronger voice on the policies that affect our lives.

It’s time for proportional representation in New Brunswick.

To stay up-to-date with the campaign, make sure you have signed the Declaration of Voters’ Rights:


New Brunswick election 2020

New Brunswick election 2020

In the 2020 New Brunswick election, Blaine Higgs’s Conservatives got 39% of the popular vote. That gave them 55% of the seats and 100% of the power. Read our election night analysis of how first-past-the-post failed voters.

New Brunswick election 2018

In the 2018 New Brunswick election the voters lost, as the party with more votes got fewer seats. With only 31.9% of the votes, the New Brunswick PCs won 22 seats, while the Liberals with 37.8% of the votes have won only 21 seats. Read our election night analysis of how first-past-the-post failed voters.

We need a citizens' assembly on electoral reform in New Brunswick

An New Brunswick Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform is the next step to a democracy where the voices and votes of New Brunswick citizens really matter.

Politicians are in an unavoidable conflict of interest when it comes to reforming the electoral system―so they need to get out of the way and let citizens lead! Learn more about citizens’ assemblies.

New Brunswick graphics

Popular vote vs seats in New Brunswick election 2020
39% of the vote gave the PCs 55% of the seats New Brunswick
45% of voters elected nobody in New Brunswick more votes count with proportional representation

New Brunswick press releases and blogs

New Brunswick election 2020

The New Brunswick Liberal Party has voted to back a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform at their provincial policy convention. Submitted by the Young Liberals Association, Fredericton South Silverwood and Fredericton Grand Lake and moved by Vivian Unger.

Widely condemned changes to New Brunswick’s Policy on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity show the dangers of concentrating power with the Premier using first-past-the-post

Cabinet Minister resignations in New Brunswick are shining a spotlight on the excessive concentration of power with the Premier under New Brunswick’s winner-take-all system. 



Are Our Political Parties At War With Us? The Toxic Relationship Between the Elected and the Electorate

Blog by Fair Vote New Brunswick’s Vivian Unger

It’s fairly well-established that First Past the Post worsens polarization and creates a toxic atmosphere in Parliament. We’ve touched on this in other posts and articles. But what about the relationship between voters and politicians? 


New Brunswick Liberal leadership candidate Susan Holt supports a citizens' assembly on electoral reform

Fair Vote Canada congratulates Susan Holt on winning the leadership of the New Brunswick Liberal Party

New Brunswick Liberal Party members have elected a leader with an exciting and ambitious plan to improve democracy in New Brunswick. Fair Vote Canada’s Fredericton chapter asked the leadership candidates where they stand on proportional representation and a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, an independent, non-partisan process supported by Fair Vote Canada.  Susan Holt responded that she would make electoral reform a priority. Susan supports a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, and would move forward quickly with its recommendations.


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