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Ontario Greens get it right on electoral reform

The Ontario Green Party platform gives voters a process they can trust and a commitment to implement a new voting system. The platform states:

Democratic reform

Create a diverse, randomly selected Citizens Assembly on electoral reform with a mandate to provide binding recommendations on modernising Ontario’s electoral system to ensure that every vote counts and the legislature reflects the democratic will of the people. 

Notably, the Greens do not prescribe a particular system, but trust an independent, representative Citizens’ Assembly to look at the evidence and design a system that puts voters first.

Citizens’ Assemblies are recommended by the OECD for complex issues whose importance extends beyond the short-term interests of electoral cycles. 

The platform would be improved with a timeline for legislation to deliver the new system.

To achieve proportional representation, parties must put their partisan self-interest aside, work together and let informed citizens play a leadership role. The Ontario Green Party understands the importance of a transparent and trustworthy multi-partisan process, and their platform shows all parties the way forward.

For our response to the NDP and Liberal platforms:

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