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Doug Ford is threatening to invoke the notwithstanding clause again―this time to violate the rights of unions to bargain.

Numerous pundits are decrying this abuse of power (see below).

Many are lamenting how common it has become to invoke the notwithstanding clause to push through legislation that may violate our rights―and how easily politicians get away with it.

Far too frequently, we’re seeing our leaders call out “Notwithstanding!” every time they want an instant win, as if our democracy were some kind of board game in which they hold the trump card.

In an era of democratic decline and rising authoritarianism, winner-take-all voting systems make it even easier for a single party leader with the support of a fraction of voters to do what they want. 

Our most basic rights in future may well be determined by what a party leader can get away with.

When one party holds all the power with 41% of the vote, who is going to stop them?

Some comments on Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause:

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