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Fair Vote Canada (FVC) congratulates the City Manager and City Clerk of Toronto for recommending that “There needs to be extensive public consultation before implementing any change to the current electoral system.”

A growing coalition, led by Fair Vote Canada, demands an evidence-based, citizen-led process to investigate and compare all options for Toronto elections.

“We need to choose an electoral system carefully,” says Stuart Parker, Chair of Fair Vote Canada’s Fair Voting for Cities campaign. “People as diverse and engaged as Torontonians deserve an evidence-based process to choose a system that takes into consideration the needs of all the voters. We all need to be heard.”

Fair Vote Canada is a partner in the coalition, which proposes that municipalities be given more choice, allowing them to customise their local elections based on local needs.

We call on the Ontario government to create enabling legislation that gives more choice to Ontario’s municipalities.

Specifically, Fair Vote Canada recommends the following changes for municipal elections:

• Cities across Canada be given local choice as to how their councils and mayors are elected.
• Instant Runoff Voting to elect mayors
• The Single Transferable Vote (also a ranked ballot system) to elect city councils
• Local option to have the mayor elected by city councils from among their members

“If we want a voting system that is good for voters and not just good for politicians, we need to let the people be involved in making the choice,“ adds FVC Executive Director Wayne Smith. “That requires extensive consultation, and above all, education.”

To join the call for an evidence-based, citizen-led process for electoral reform in Toronto, visit



Stuart Parker, Chair/Président
FVC Fair Voting for Cities Campaign/Campagne de la REC de la représentation équitable pour les villes
[email protected]

Wayne Smith, Executive Director/Directeur exécutif
Fair Vote Canada/Représentation équitable au Canada
[email protected]

April 24, 2013 City of Toronto Government Management Committee Report on Proposed Electoral Reforms (en anglais seulement)

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