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Fair Vote Canada applauds the strong positions taken by the NDP and Greens on making action on proportional representation a condition of support for a minority government.

At a town hall Friday in Victoria, Jagmeet Singh stated:

“I will bring in Mixed Member Proportional without a referendum. And I’ll bring it in because of this: I believe in giving power to people.

I believe the first-past-the-post system which creates false majorities is wrong.

I believe that when less than 40% of the people vote for a certain party, and that party gets 100% of the power, it’s unjust and it’s wrong.

And I believe when people are worried about who they vote for and they have to make decisions around voting strategically, it’s wrong. I want people to vote their values – I’m pretty sure they’d end up voting for us if they did – but I think it’s really important to give power back to people and make sure that every vote counts.

I would make sure it would be a requirement as Prime Minister in a minority setting that if a government or a party wanted to work with me it would be one of my important values that we put in place – PR. And I ‘d work for that, I’d say that would be a part of a negotiation.

So the similar question, I’m just flipping it around, if I was Prime Minister in a minority setting I would seek parties to support me on bringing in PR because it’s so important to give people power, a voice and ensure that their vote counts.”

Elizabeth May has also been clear that proportional representation is a top bargaining item for the Greens, right after climate action. Talking to supporters in Abbotsford on September 22 May stated:

“The next one in line (after climate action) would be to make sure we bring in electoral reform…. I don’t know exactly how we’ll negotiate, I don’t know what the cards are that we will be dealt, but of top priorities for the Green Party: electoral reform, climate action, reconciliation.

We have to get rid of unfair voting, and my main reason is now we see people like Trump, so-called populism… In our system of government, with just 39% of the vote that delivers  100% of the power, we have to fix our electoral system now, to guard against – like getting an inoculation, a shot – to guard against a future potential political leader in Canada that doesn’t conform to Canadian norms and values. We have to make sure someone with 39% of the vote can’t get 100% of the power, and that’s why we have to bring in electoral reform before 2023, for sure.”

According to an Angus Reid poll done two weeks ago, 77% of Canadians support a move to proportional representation and 70% think Trudeau was wrong to break his promise on electoral reform. 79% agree that the next government should establish a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, an idea endorsed by former Parliament Budget Officer Kevin Page, renowned political scientist Peter Russell and others. 

Fair Vote Canada Executive Director Anita Nickerson says “We are running a hard hitting ad on Trudeau’s broken promise in target ridings and an ad on proportional representation and climate change. The aim is to elect MPs who will get proportional representation back on the table.” 

Fair Vote Canada is also delivering thousands of door hangers urging voters to choose candidates who support PR in Ottawa Centre, Hamilton East–Stoney Creek, Halifax, Elmwood–Transcona, Edmonton Strathcona, Vancouver Granville, Hochelaga, Laurier–Sainte-Marie, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Thunder Bay–Superior North, Toronto–Danforth, Davenport, Parkdale–High Park and Guelph. 


Fair Vote Canada is Canada’s national citizens’ campaign for proportional representation. In the 2019 election, we are focusing on 21 target ridings, and calling for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

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