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vote on a National Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform announcement by three MPs

Picture left to right: MPs Leah Taylor Roy, Mike Morrice, Lisa Marie Barron, Julie Dzerowicz, Élisabeth Brière, and Réal Lavergne from Fair Vote Canada, at a reception November 2023 for Motion M-86.

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE: The first debate on Motion M-86 for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform is on November 7 at 6 PM Eastern. If this time changes at the last minute – and it might – we will update this note!

BIG NEWS: A motion for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform will be voted on in Parliament!

NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron has tabled a motion in the House of Commons for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

This motion will come to a vote of all MPs in this Parliament! It has now been seconded by 20 MPs, the maximum number of joint seconders a motion can have! There are MPs from four parties. You can follow the progress of support for this motion at

This vote is the biggest chance for a breakthrough on electoral reform since 2017.

The news was first announced in June 2023 by three MPs together: Green Party MP Mike Morrice, NDP MP and Democratic Reform Critic Daniel Blaikie and NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron.

In the coming months, we’ll be pulling out all the stops and rolling out the biggest campaign that we can.

Let’s be clear: We’re under no illusions about what we’re up against.

Together, we’re facing down powerful, vested interests who will fight until their last breath to keep Canada’s politics a winner-take-all game.

As a grassroots movement, our campaign will need the hope, passion, determination and hard work of all of us. 

As we get more details about the timing of debates and the vote, and the next steps ahead in the campaign, we will share them with you. 

For today, please show your support for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform by sharing this news with everyone you can, and celebrate this breakthrough with us!

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