Markham – Stouffville

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We are running online ads in this riding, urging voters to vote for candidates who will fight for PR.

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Markham-Stouffville is a target riding, where we can help elect a PR champion to the House of Commons.

Markham-Stouffville is held by MP Jane Philpott, former Liberal MP and Health Minister, who is running as an Independent. This riding is one of the few ridings there is truly local polling for, which we encourage you to look at below. 

Fair Vote Canada is delivering 10,000 door hangers nad running online ads in this riding, reminding voters that Justin Trudeau broke his promise, and urging them to support candidates who are committed to getting proportional representation back on the table. Endorsed candidates: Jane Philpott (Independent), Hal Berman (NDP) and Roy Long (Green). 

Both the NDP and Greens have PR in their platforms (see the front page of Jane Philpott is an advocate for PR. It is the second issue on her website after climate change. You can read her position for PR here:

October 6, 2019 Markham-Stouffville Riding Report

Conducted by


The margin of error for the N=301 sample is ±5.6%, 19/20 times.


All N=301 respondents were asked which Party and their candidate they would most likely vote for or be leaning towards if the federal Election were held today.

The independent candidate Jane Philpott has the backing of 38% of decided voters and in a close race is +3% ahead of the Liberal Helena Jaczek who sits at 35%. The rest of the field is spread among the Conservatives with candidate Theodore Antony at 10%, the Roy Long Green ticket at 9% and the NDP with Hal Berman at 6%. Jeremy Lin and the People’s Party trail with 2%.

Jane Philpott leads among females, 18-34-year old’s, lower earners and among Markham residents. The Liberals are stronger among males, while their support drops among lower earners but have roughly consistent age support.


Twenty four percent of voters are undecided. More females, higher earners and those 35 or older are undecided.


The N=229 that named a candidate or Party in the first-choice vote question were then asked if there is a chance they may change their mind or switch their vote.

The N=44 that said there is a chance they may change their first-choice vote were asked to name their second choice.

Jane Philpott as an independent candidate was the preferred choice of most Greens that may switch (78%), followed by 52% of Liberals and half of Conservatives.


All N=301 respondents were asked if they would be very likely, likely or unlikely to vote in the Election.

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