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A vote on a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform will be happening in Parliament!

A brand new chance to kick-start electoral reform is imminent in Canada’s Parliament. To seize it, we must act together now! 

Since Justin Trudeau broke his promise, we have been pushing relentlessly for a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

To get action after 100 years of broken promises, we must take the power out of the hands of self-interested politicians and put electoral reform to a process we can trust!

Thanks to the leadership of the NDP’s Democratic Reform Critic, MP Daniel Blaikie, a motion on a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform is about to be put to a vote at the Procedures and House Affairs (PROC) Committee!

This will be the last chance for a real step on electoral reform in this minority Parliament: Together, let’s give it everything we have!

Send a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the MPs on the PROC Committee urging them to support a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform:

Friends, we won’t sugarcoat it: We’re facing a mountain of vested political interests behind the scenes who want nothing more than to kill proportional representation―and keep it down for good.

The PROC committee is a powerful committee in the House of Commons. It’s composed of six Liberal MPs, four Conservative MPs, one NDP MP and one Bloc Quebecois MP. The chair―one of the six Liberal MPs―can only vote to break a tie.

To win this vote, we need six principled MPs to say YES to a courageous next step to strengthen Canada’s democracy.

That means our Prime Minister―and the MPs on the PROC committee―need to hear from you and every other Canadian who cares about electoral reform right now! 

With a tsunami of support from across the country, we could win this vote―and our next chance to make every vote count.

The process on the PROC committee will go in stages:

First, the committee will vote whether to do a STUDY on a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. That’s the first urgent hurdle we must pass!

If that vote passes, the committee will hear from experts on the power of citizens’ assemblies and how it could be rolled out.

Second, the committee will vote and write a report on whether to recommend a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform to the entire House of Commons. Their decision can be voted on in the House of Commons by all the MPs in this Parliament! 

You know how badly Canadian voters need proportional representation. More cycles of false majority governments just won’t give us what we need to tackle the urgent national challenges of our times.

We must reverse the dangerous polarization of politics that’s been increasing in the decades since the national Task Force on Canadian Unity urgently recommended proportional representation in 1979!

A National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform is a solution that can be embraced by all parties. It will bring Canadians together, across party lines, to lead change based on the public interest, not partisan interest.

Canadians deserve a democracy where everyone’s voice matters equally. Where everyone’s hopes and dreams count for our shared future.

There’s still time for this government to do the right thing―to leave a legacy. 

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