Get Involved with the Campaign to Make Every Vote Count in BC!

We have an incredible opportunity coming up in British Columbia. This is our chance to make every vote count! Between October 22 and November 30, 2018, British Columbia voters will be voting in a referendum on proportional representation. The referendum question, announced on May 30, 2018, is:

1. Which should British Columbia use for provincial elections? (Vote for only one.)

The current First Past the Post voting system.

A proportional representation voting system.

2. If British Columbia adopts a proportional representation voting system, which of the following voting systems do you prefer? (Rank in order of preference You may choose to support one, two or all three of the systems.)

Dual Member Proportional (DMP)

Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)

Rural-Urban PR (RUP)


Read the full recommendations from the Attorney General here. Read the legislation here. Read our press release responding to the recommendations here.

Teams: Fair Vote Canada BC teams have been reaching out to voters in their communities for months. There are now 25 local teams, and growing every day. Find your team on the list below. No team? Get in touch with [email protected] and we’ll help you start one.

Events: You can find some local events here but strongly encourage you to contact your team!

Lawn Signs: They’re in! Please order here. If your location is not on the list, that may mean we need somebody to step to distribute them locally.


Request a speaker: Contact [email protected].


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