Fair Vote Canada BC is a non-partisan citizens campaign for electoral reform. We are a registered advertising sponsor in the BC referendum. 99% volunteer-driven, we have 30 local teams across BC – backed by evidence, powered by people!

Can’t decide which proportional system to choose in Question #2? Take this 5-minute quiz to find out which system best fits your values!

Teams: Fair Vote Canada BC teams have been reaching out to voters in their communities for months. There are now 30 local teams, and growing every day. Find your team on the list below. No team and want to help? Need a speaker? Get in touch with [email protected].

Events: You can find some local events here but strongly encourage you to contact your team for up-to-date local events!

Media Contacts:

Gisela Ruckert (President) [email protected]
Rani Earnhart (Vice President) [email protected]
Keith Poore (Vancouver) [email protected]

FVC-BC Local Teams:

[email protected] (Nathan)
[email protected] (John)
[email protected] (Tom)
[email protected] (Bonnie and Spencer)
[email protected] (Antoinette)
[email protected] (Rosemary)
[email protected] (Barb) Facebook group
columbiarivervalleynorth@fairvote.ca (Amber)
[email protected] (Kathleen)
[email protected] (Gisela) Facebook
[email protected] (Terry)
[email protected] (Bill)
[email protected] (Peter) Facebook
[email protected] (Jordan and Sharon) | Facebook
[email protected] (Ann)
[email protected] (Alison)
[email protected] (Bill) Facebook
[email protected] (Jay) Facebook
[email protected] (Hans)
[email protected] (Bob)
SouthOkanaganSimilkameen@fairvote.ca (Diana) Facebook
[email protected] – Gibsons (Bet)
[email protected] (Sabina)
[email protected] (Jason)
[email protected] (Iain) | Facebook
[email protected] (Merry)
[email protected] (Sue)
[email protected] (Rani) | Facebook

Authorized by Fair Vote Canada BC, registered sponsor under the Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Act, (778) 588-9563 

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In 2015, three parties - the Liberals, the NDP and the Greens, representing 63% of voters - promised that if elected, 2015 would be the last election under first-past-the-post.

The NDP and Greens promised to implement proportional representation. The Liberals promised to end first-past-the-post, listen to expert advice and follow evidence-based policy on electoral reform, and to "make every vote count."

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