Get Involved with the Campaign to Make Every Voter Count in BC!

We have an incredible opportunity coming up in British Columbia.

In the fall of 2018, British Columbia voters will be voting in a referendum on proportional representation. 

This is our chance to make every vote count!


Here’s how you can help

Sign and share the BC Vote Pledge!

This is how we grow our campaign across BC, and get out the vote for PR! Please sign the Pledge and share it with friends! 

Want to collect pledge signers in your community? Download and print the pledge here, then send them into our team at

Join a Fair Vote Canada BC Team

Hard working volunteers across British Columbia are collecting signatures on our BC Vote Pledge, starting new teams, holding events, and responding to PR opponents in the BC media.

To see a list of of our BC teams, click here. Don’t see a team in your area? Get in touch and we’ll help you start one!

Check out the work of our BC Steering Committee leader Terry Dance-Bennink in BC’s Focus Magazine here!

Fund this Campaign!

We are a grassroots, people-powered campaign, and we’re up against opponents with access to media and deep pockets.  They’re already doing paid advertising to build a campaign opposing PR.

To reach the most BC voters, to support our on-the-ground teams with materials, we need your help! Donate to the BC Campaign here.

Join our Social Media Sharing Team!

You can help also help the campaign for PR by our sharing our posts on social media. Do you have a facebook or twitter account? 

Follow Fair Vote Canada-BC on facebook, twitter and instagram for the latest news!

Willing to share things on social media regularly? Join our BC social media team. Every couple of days, we’ll send out something by email to share – usually a graphic created by someone on our team! Share whichever ones you like on your facebook or twitter! The more people do this, the more people we will reach across BC, with the chance that something could “go viral.”


Fair Vote Canada BC Teams

To request a speaker, get help with starting a new team, or other general information about Fair Vote Canada – BC and our campaign, contact

FVC-BC Steering Committee: 
Terry Dance-Bennink (Chair)
Jason McLaren (Vice Chair) (John) (Greg) (Rosemary) (Barb) Facebook group (Christy) (Kathleen) (Gisela) Facebook (Terry) (Bill) (Peter) Facebook (Ann) (Jordan and Sharon) | Facebook (Diana) Facebook (Bill) (Jay) (Bob) (Alliance 4 Democracy – Bet) (Sabina) (Jason) | Facebook (Rick Habgood) | Facebook


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