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Social Media

As a volunteer-based citizens’ organization, Fair Vote Canada makes extensive use of social media tools. We ask PR supporters to do the same. Following is a brief inventory of key resources, not including websites and blogs which are covered elsewhere under Handouts and References or our use of YouTube, which is covered under Videos.


Facebook is an amazingly powerful tool for reaching large populations and social mobilization. This is how PR supporters and FVC mobilized themselves using Facebook events, and organized protests in 36 cities on Feb. 11, 2017, only 10 days after the federal government’s announcement that it was breaking its promise on electoral reform. FVC took advantage of the opportunity to produce a video, which it posted on its Facebook page, which over 106,000 people have viewed since then. 

Use Facebook to stay informed by liking some or all of the following:

Share pages you find compelling on your personal Facebook page. 

Email Groups

FVC makes extensive use of email groups for supporters wishing to be actively engaged. These include the following:  

  • The Chapters Group, consisting of chapter and action team leaders or any others interested in chapter business
  • The FVC writers’ group, consisting of people with writing skills prepared to engage in identifying and flagging articles of special interest, responding to media articles online and writing letters to the editor
  • The PR Discussion group, consisting of people with a particular interest in PR systems
  • The  BC Discussion Group. This is not a FVC group but an independent discussion group for PR supporters.

Links provided are to email addresses of the principal administrator in each case.


Follow any or all of the following Twitter accounts for access to breaking news about PR.

  • @FairvoteCanada
  • @fairvoteBC, @votePRBC, @fairvotingBC
  • @PEI_PR
  • @MDNinfo (Quebec)
  • @MakesVoteMatter (UK).

Note that journalists tend to use Twitter quite extensively and Twitter is often the best way to share ideas with them. 

Hashtags to use as appropriate:

  • #cdnpoli, #ProportionalRepresentation
  • #ElectoralReform
  • #peipoli
  • #qcpoli or #polqc, #propotionnelle, #polcan
  • #onpoli
  • #bcpoli, #pr4bc.
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