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We are running online ads in this riding, urging voters to vote for candidates who will fight for PR.

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We need your help to ask questions at debates, hand out flyers and encourage voters to support a PR champion.

Kenora is a target riding, where we can help elect a PR champion to the House of Commons.

Kenora is held by Liberal MP Bob Nault. In 2015, Nault beat the NDP candidate (Howard Hampton) by only 498 votes (1.62%).

This riding has almost always been held by a Liberal, but was held by the Conservatives from 2008-2015.

According to, this riding is a close race between the Liberals and the NDP, with the NDP slightly in the lead.

Fair Vote Canada is running online ads in this riding, reminding voters that Justin Trudeau broke his promise, and urging them to support candidates who are committed to getting proportional representation back on the table. Endorsed candidates: Rudy Turtle (NDP). The Green Party has not nominated a candidate yet.

2015 Results – Liberals win with 1.62% more than the NDP

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