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During the NDP leadership race in 2017, Fair Vote Canada asked all the candidates for their position and commitment on proportional representation. Here is Jagmeet Singh’s response.

Jagmeet Singh Answers Questions on Proportional Representation

1. Leading up to the 2019 election, will you build on the strong role played by 
Nathan Cullen and Alexandre Boulerice in championing proportional representation in the ERRE and keep fighting for proportional representation as a high-profile priority in the current Parliament and in public?

Yes. As leader, alongside Nathan Cullen and Alexandre Boulerice, and with our incredible caucus, I will continue the fight for proportional representation and maintain it as a high-profile priority in the current Parliament and with the public. Bringing in a proportional system with adequate local representation will be central to our work and our 2019 campaign. I led with this issue at the launch of my campaign in May and I will continue to maintain it as a priority as leader.

2. In the 2019 election will you make a platform commitment to implement proportional representation in time for the following election, make it a key campaign issue, and encourage all NDP candidates to follow suit?

Yes. Under my leadership, implementing proportional representation will be a key element of our platform and our campaign. We will run on a commitment to bring in a system with both local and proportional representation (made-in-Canada mixed member proportional representation) in time for the next election. We will encourage all NDP candidates to talk to voters about the importance of changing our electoral system.

3. As NDP Leader in a minority parliament, would you make proportional representation a necessary condition for any alliance or for supporting any minority government?

I believe the NDP can form government in 2019 and can bring in mixed member proportional representation. In a minority parliament, I would consult with our caucus and advocate for the inclusion of proportional representation as a condition of any alliance or support for a minority government.

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