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    Welcome to the Fair Vote Canada forum! Please read our rules here.

    Hi! Introduce Yourself!

    Reply to this post and tell us a bit about yourself. Why do you support proportional representation and what kind of future would you like to see for Canada? If you volunteer with FVC, what is your role and what do you envision for FVC in the next 5 years? If you are not a volunteer, that’s absolutely okay! What might you want to do or learn with FVC now that you have joined this forum? What are your hobbies, interests and passions outside of electoral reform? Also if you have any questions about how FVC works this is a great place to ask.

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    • The FVC Events Forum is for planning and organizing events, get-together’s or for coordinating volunteering. Using the Events Forum can simplify email-faff and can help keep the logistics as clear as possible. It is also encouraging to new FVC supporters who might be interested in getting involved. You can also ask questions here and get resources, opinions and tips from others FVC supporters. This forum hasn’t been started yet, but hopefully will be soon!
    • The FVC Slack is a place for projects and chatting in real time about things. It’s great for election nights when things are happening quickly and you want to chime in on the action! Send an email to Gisela ([email protected]) for an invitation.</li

    Our goal is to create tight-knit well organized community and we want to encourage everyone to chime in 🙂

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    Some cool Threads to check out

    List Coming Soon

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    Who am I?
    I’m George. I’m from the West Coast in North Vancouver where I grew up doing many outdoorsy things at the same time as enjoying city life. I went to UBC Civil Engineering and many of my hobbies surround transportation, politics and the outdoors. I love the mountains, skiing, biking, hiking, exploring hot springs, rowing, windsurfing. I am currently training to run my first ever marathon which is exciting, but scary.

    Why do I support PR?:
    Because I believe PR will allow people the freedom to express themselves through their political choices without the attitudes of fear and division that FPTP creates. I think it will allow parties to collaborate better with each other to create stronger policies, less flip-flopping on infrastructure projects, and more investment in green technology and our environment. I also think it will encourage people to come out to the ballot box to make their voice heard knowing that there vote will always contribute to electing someone who will represent them.

    What kind of future would you like to see for Canada?
    I would like to see Canada have a form of Ranked Ballot, hopefully that will be in some form of STV or STV Hybrid like the Rural-Urban PR that was proposed for BC. Municipal elections mandated to held in STV format would be an amazing thing if the federal government has that sort of power (could they?).

    If you volunteer with FVC, what is your role and what do you envision for FVC in the next 5 years?
    I am one of your moderators for this forum and I hope it will grow into a vibrant online community. I volunteered to help deliver fliers during the BC referendum, but other than that’s about as far as I have gone. I may get roped into more. Who knows. Every little bit counts! Hopefully FVC won’t be necessary in 5 years if all elections in Canada and BC are PR before then 😉

    What might you want to do or learn with FVC now that you have joined this forum?
    Hopefully help this forum grow into something that is useful both for current FVC supporters, can attract new people from across Canada, and can create a strong community with lots of resources to help us achieve our goals of PR dominance… *laughs maniacally*

    *Note: feel free to copy this post and swap in your own answers!

    jim in oakville

    Can we come up with a simple editable word document on a web site, that would summarize the options being considered followed by their pros and cons and a way members could vote for their preferred option.

    Options. Favoured by initials or names
    A. STV. AB, CD,
    B. MMP closed. EF,
    C. MMP open. GH,

    A. STV
    – advantages:
    — disadvantages:

    B. MMP – Closed

    jim in oakville

    “The Liberals first embraced electoral reform at their 1919 leadership convention (the one that chose Mackenzie King)”

    100 years later and here we are! Let’s get it done.

    Steven Hurdle

    Hi Jim, those are some good suggestions. This is the section of the forum where people introduce themselves, so you may want to post that suggestion elsewhere.

    My name is Steven. I first became supportive of PR in the wake of the BC Citizens” Assembly on Electoral Reform. Prior to that I was suspicious of PR because I associated it with party lists and that didn’t feel right to me at the time. I learned about STV thanks to the Citizens’ Assembly, and was amazed that there was a form of PR like that. Since then I’ve become better educated and support all forms of PR now. Anything is better than false majorities, wrong winners, and a system that discourage people from voting their conscience.

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