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Trudeau explains electoral reform betrayal

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    I wanted to post this to ensure it’s available to everyone. It is Justin Trudeau making what is, in my view, an explicitly anti-democratic, anti-Charter of Rights and Freedom case about why he’s opposed to Proportional Representation. See YouTube, Trudeau explains his electoral reform U-turn.

    The deeply offensive falsehood filled comments are “And then there’s proportional representation…our political systems have worked because people of every different background, every different corner of the country come together to form governments of different types. We have governments that have better representation from the West or the East or better representation amongst Quebecers or not, or more indigenous communities supporting them than others. Writ large, we have big groupings that include the diversity of Canada that people lean on and that people draw on and that people find their voices for. And if we were to make a change or risk a change that would augment individual voices, that would augment extremist voices and activist voices, that don’t get to sit within a party that figures out what the best path for the whole future of the country, like the existing three big parties do, I think we’d be entering an era of instability and uncertainty, and we would be putting at risk the very thing that makes us luckier than anyone else on the planet. The fact that we look at our differences as something to draw on and discover and build on as opposed to emphasize and highlight.”

    I’ve attached the full transcript.


    Stephen Best / [email protected]

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    Thanks for posting this alongside the transcript. I was not aware that he had ever public addressed his broken promise as directly as this. That bolded section is particularly alarming because he is essentially saying that having individual voices in government is a bad thing. I never really realized until reading this just how much Trudeau believes in the suppression of individual voices to make way for party power with strict discipline and messaging.

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Forums Discussion Forums General Discussion Trudeau explains electoral reform betrayal