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    Maxwell Anderson

    I would like to see the Fair Vote Canada directors focus more on promoting Pro Rep over the long term. Remember, we did not learn algebra from a few online posts or videos, we had to go to actual school. That’s where we should be educating the next generation about electoral reform, which is complex: in schools.

    In B.C. in particular, teachers favouring Pro Rep have a special opportunity to facilitate students becoming interested in democracy and electoral reform because B.C. has a new curriculum. In many courses of the new curriculum, students can undertake a project on a subject of their choosing, and Pro Rep could be that topic.
    B.C.'s new high school curriculum: Genocide and Indigenous studies, drones and mechatronics, more projects, fewer exams

    What do others think?


    I had this thought too but in the way of Student Council elections by implementing STV. STV would work well for that kind of election because you don’t have to have parties.

    I found in highschool that very little was done to educate any of us on different voting systems and government types across the globe. One would think that a democratic society would want to teach us about how different democratic societies work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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