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    Feel free to post current news articles or other things related to Proportional Representation here.


    Anita shared this on the mail list: “Great section in CTV piece on broken promise!”

    It was one of their biggest campaign promises: the 2015 federal election would be the last run under the first-past-the-post system. But about two years into their mandate, after a special House Committee had travelled the country and consultations garnered feedback from hundreds of thousands of Canadians, that promise was dead.

    Printed plainly in the then-minister’s mandate letter: “changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate.” There was no consensus, or clear preference for an alternate voting system, despite proportional representation being recommended, the Liberals said. Instead, the government moved ahead with other changes to the Canada Elections Act, such as repealing past Harper-era Fair Elections Act changes, and empowering the Chief Electoral Officer.

    The move was roundly criticized by the NDP, Greens, and other progressive voices that have been campaigning in support of electoral reform for years. It was called a cynical move and a betrayal of the voters who elected the Liberals on the basis of this promised change. Some Liberals have said that they still get questioned about this major comedown when knocking on doors in their ridings.

    “What is unacceptable is to break the promise and leave it broken. That will break people’s faith with democracy itself, those young people who voted for the first time and who believed the prime minister’s promise,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the House of Commons a few months after the Liberals announced they’d be dropping their electoral reform pledge


    I’ve asked on Twitter whether Fair Vote Canada is still looking for signatories on Does anyone know? Great timing to get the final ~20,000 along with recruiting more people to this cause.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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