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We are running online ads in this riding, urging voters to vote for candidates who will fight for PR.

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We need your help to ask questions at debates, hand out flyers and encourage voters to support a PR champion.

Essex is a target riding, where we can help elect a PR champion to the House of Commons.

Essex is held by NDP MP Tracey Ramsey since 2015. From 2006 – 2015, the riding was held by a Conservative. In 2015, Ramsey won the riding with 5.16% more than the Conservative.

According to, this riding is at risk of going back to the Conservatives, and is a tight NDP/Conservative race.

Fair Vote Canada is running online ads in this riding, reminding voters that Justin Trudeau broke his promise, and urging them to support candidates who are committed to getting proportional representation back on the table. Endorsed candidates: Tracey Ramsey (NDP) and Jennifer Alderson (Green Party).

2015 Results

Additional candidate information

Tracey Ramsey has spoken up about proportional representation in the media several times:

Local NDP MP 'shocked' by Liberal's electoral reform about-face

Essex MP Describes A Year Of Broken Liberal Promises

On facebook:

Great meeting with Carolyn-Arbour Dokuchik about proportional representation and how much our voting system impacts…

Posted by Tracey Ramsey for MP Essex on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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