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The Yukon could break new ground for proportional representation in Canada. Please donate for advertising to reach every voter in the Yukon!

We are at a critical juncture in the campaign for proportional representation in the Yukon!

PR campaigners have won a major breakthrough for electoral reform. 

The Yukon government has launched a Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform—and it is starting now!

This fall, the Yukon Citizens’ Assembly will recommend whether to retain the first-past-the-post system or adopt a new voting system.

Their recommendation will then be put to a referendum.

Clearly, this decision was steeped in politics, not evidence. Global research shows that referendums are heavily stacked against the change side. Most electoral reform referendums in Canada have been driven by partisanship, plagued by opponent misinformation campaigns, and ended with masses of uninformed voters.

Alarmingly, the Citizens’ Assembly has been given neither the time nor the mandate for public outreach and education.

We must act now to help our Fair Vote Yukon team fill this critical gap.

Public education as early as possible can lay the groundwork and give us a fighting chance of success!

With your generous support we can immediately launch a massive local advertising campaign to reach almost all Yukon households directly by mail, newspaper ads and radio:

I cannot overemphasize the urgency and importance of this campaign.

After BC voted 58% for PR in 2005, research proved that public awareness of the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform was a gamechanger for the YES vote!

The more people know that a group of ordinary people – not politicians – are behind a recommendation, the more likely they are to vote for it.

With your generous support we can: 

  • Mail information about proportional representation and the Citizens’ Assembly to every Yukon household.

    With only about 9000 households, it really is possible to reach almost every voter in the Yukon!

  • Run prominent ads throughout the summer in the Yukon Star

  • Run radio advertisements on Yukon’s popular radio station. 

Yes, I’ll fund advertising for Fair Vote Yukon to reach voters!

Fair Vote Yukon is powered by a dedicated team of volunteers whose creative, determined and painstaking work has brought us to this pivotal point. They are tirelessly engaging voters at the grassroots on a shoestring budget.

We can’t rely on politicians benefiting from the current system to foster positive public engagement. In fact, one major party has already trashed the Citizens’ Assembly, painting it as an illegitimate waste of time, and setting the stage for a partisan dogfight.

Your donation can empower Fair Vote Yukon to inform every Yukoner that the Citizens’ Assembly is a trustworthy, non-partisan body while educating them about proportional representation.

The Yukon is a unique territory with tight-knit communities. People know each other. Relationships matter. Increasing public awareness now can spark conversations and bring people together for a stronger democracy.

The Yukon has a rare and historic chance to transform democracyand blaze the trail for the rest of Canada. 

Please chip in to help Fair Vote Yukon’s team reach voters now.


Anita Nickerson
Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada

P.S. Please do not email the Yukon Citizens’ Assembly or the Yukon government. It is counterproductive. The Yukon is a special environment where local efforts and local voices are what will make a difference. Our Yukon team knows there are PR supporters across Canada cheering them on. We will definitely keep you posted on all important developments!

P.P.S. If you missed our webinar with electoral reform expert Dennis Pilon, “Lessons learned and reasons for hope”, you can watch it here.

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