Welcome to the Summer of Electoral Reform!!


We know that summer is a very special time in Canada and it’s hard to focus on politics but we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring in voting changes that will fix Canada’s democratic deficit. We need your help.  

Please put ‘Electoral Reform’ on your summer-to-do list!!

The Government is embarking on a summer of consultation with several ways you can participate.

Your participation is paramount to achieving the most democratic outcome. Please print out this information so you can decide the best way to participate. You can do one event or all of the events.



The Special Electoral Reform Committee was created around guiding principles and the various venues for consultation will use these principles as a framework for developing a new electoral system. The good news is that our values centred on Voter Equality and proportional representation feed into these five principles:

  1. Effectiveness and legitimacy
  2. Voter engagement
  3. Accessibility and inclusiveness
  4. Integrity
  5. Local representation

Fair Vote Canada and its allies want the Government to recognize that under our current system, all voters are not equal. Any new electoral system must address our democratic deficit and make changes that reflect Canadian values where all voters are equal and all votes count.

Voters are not equal.

To correct voter inequality, every vote must count equally. The only way to do that is through some form of proportional representation.

Here are ways you can engage with the Government’s Community Consultations on Electoral Reform.

Help us tell the Government that we want equal and effective votes. You can find information on the Government’s plan here: Canada.ca/Democracy


Minister Monsef has asked MPs to hold townhalls across the Country! We need to get as many people out to the townhalls as possible.

You can see a list of all of the townhalls & electoral reform events here: list of events about electoral reform
Additional information to supplement this document may be found: canada.ca/democracy.

If you have signed Fair Vote Canada’s Declaration of Voters’ Rights (www.fairvote.ca/declaration), we will send you information on townhalls in your community. Otherwise, check the Events Calendar on the Democratic Reform website regularly: https://www.canada.ca/…/attend-a-canadian-federal-electoral…

Send us feedback!! If you hear about any new events or attend an event, send us a report. Let us know how many people attended the event? Was there strong support for PR? Were there any experts present?

Send your reports to MPreports@fairvote.ca


There are several ways to interact with the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

You can join the conversation on Twitter or submit a Brief with a request to present to the Committee – or do both!

Watch the Committee live on the internet: CPAC.ca

Help us on Twitter! We need as many people as possible on Twitter!!
Canadian Journalists who write about electoral reform are monitoring the discussion. To date, the online Twitter conversation has been dominated by opposition voices. We need your help! Please take a little bit of time to join the conversation.

I will send out regular reminders about upcoming Committee Meetings with a short overview of the Experts and some suggested questions to tweet to the Committee. Committee Members will be monitoring the Twitter hashtags:  #ERRE #Q.

This link will take you to the Government’s page on engaging with the Committee.

Please send them your questions and tweet to them often.

If you are new to Twitter and would like information to join the conversation, please send me an email and we will help you open an account and show you how it works: office@fairvote.ca

The Electoral Reform Committee is required to report back to the House of Commons by December 1st!


Canadians who choose to submit a brief to the Committee must meet the following criteria/conditions:

Briefs may be sent to the Committee by email (ERRE@parl.gc.ca) or by using [this link] https://survey-sondage-hoc.parl.gc.ca/n/ERRESubmitBrief.aspx?c=en-CA&studyId=9011649&study=Committee%20Business

The deadline to submit briefs and requests to appear before the Committee must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Friday, October 7, 2016.


Minister Monsef has announced additional resources to encourage community dialogue about electoral reform. She is encouraging all Canadians to hold informal meetings and to submit a report. This is a great opportunity for supporters of fair voting.

More information about hosting an electoral reform dialogue can be found at canada.ca/electoral-reform-dialogue

Fair Vote Canada will have more details on organizing community dialogues soon!

Round-up of Resources:

Add your event to the Government’s Calendar or join one of the events on the website!

Send us a report on the townhall you have heard about or attended: MPreports@fairvote.ca


Thank you for taking a break from your summer festivities to strengthen Canada’s democracy!


We’re getting closer to the finish line!


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