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Support a citizen-led, evidence-based process for electoral reform in Toronto

photo credit: John Vetterli

It’s clear that first-past-the-post causes the same problems in Toronto as it does at the provincial and federal levels:

  • low voter turnout
  • high percentage of wasted votes
  • lack of diversity, including underrepresentation of –women and ethnic minorities
  • a city council which does not truly reflect the views of Torontonians

City Council is currently looking at changing how we elect them. Fair Vote Canada congratulates Toronto’s City Manager and City Clerk for recommending that Council undertake a detailed analysis of all the options, underlining the desirability of “extensive public consultation”. A citizen-led, evidence-based review of Toronto’s entire election framework and process should go hand in hand with enabling legislation that gives a full range of choices to Ontario’s municipalities.

All Torontonians, and all of the evidence, deserve to be heard. But it might not happen without your help…

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Who’s Supporting A Citizen-Led, Evidenced-Based Process?

Bob Rae, MP, Toronto Centre. Cheri Di Novo, MPP, Parkdale-High Park. Dennis Pilon, Canadian Electoral Reform Expert, York University, Author: Wrestling with Democracy (2013). Walter Pitman, OC, O.Ont, Former MP, Ontario MLA, President of Ryerson University, and Director of the Ontario Arts Council.
It is essential that Canada strengthen our democracy with electoral reforms that lead to proportional representation. Toronto can lead change with a citizen led process to study the most democratic system for electing councilors and by immediately electing the mayor using ranked ballots.
—Mike Schreiner
Leader, Green Party of Ontario
Josephine Grey, Human Rights Activist, Founder of LIFT LIFT: Low Income Families Together
Canadian Muslim Union Ellen Michelson, Green Party of Canada Candidate of Record, 2008 & 2011 general elections, Toronto Centre; Green Shadow Cabinet, Peace & Security advocate

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