Faqs / Wouldn’t we be giving all our power away to political parties?

Some people didn’t like the “closed list” MMP system put forward in the 2007 Ontario referendum because voters’ second votes would have been for parties, not individual candidates, with top-up seats filled from lists determined by party members. It’s worth remembering that in today’s elections, party candidates are selected by party members, too, and not by the 99% of Canadians who aren’t party members. By the time they face the voters in their riding, each candidate is effectively a one-candidate closed party list. But even “closed list” MMP offers every Canadian a much better chance of being represented than our current system. After an election, you could take an issue to your local MP or one of your diverse regional MPs. Today, many MPs occupy safe seats. But they might start listening up if they knew you could actually take your business elsewhere. In Germany, they call this “personalized proportional representation.” If you’re still worried about giving parties too much power, you may want to consider “open list” MMP (as recommended by the Law Commission of Canada), or the Single Transferable Vote (STV).

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