Help Us Spread the Word!


We are asking our supporters to help us spread the word with a little DIY (Do it yourself) marketing plan!

Fair Vote Canada does not have deep pockets or a large advertising budget so we have created these materials for you to use. Please feel free to share them and hand them out in your neighbourhood, at community events or at your local All-Candidates-Debates. Thank you for your help and ongoing support. Let’s make all votes count!

Please download and print this double sided flyer and hand it out in your neighbourhood!

Colour Flyer:

Black and White Flyer:

Double-sided Flyer – PR Elects More Women and Cultivates Diversity:


Double-sided Flyer – PR and the Environment


Social Media profile picture

Update your Facebook and Twitter profiles and tell everyone you want their votes to count!


Thank you for all your help and your commitment to building a better Canada!

Kelly, Anita and the whole Fair Vote Canada Team.

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