MYTH #9: Proportional Representation and Rural Voters

By Fair Vote Canada
October 18, 2017

Recently, numerous newspaper articles in BC have quoted Liberal MLAs issuing dire warnings that proportional representation is “bad” for rural BC. Cities will have too much power, they claim. Or rural seats will “disappear”. These statements are false, and no …

MYTH#8: Proportional Representation and the Economy, Spending, Debt and Equality

By Fair Vote Canada
October 2, 2017

In light of the upcoming referendum in BC, several media outlets including Canadian Investor, The Province and JNW (an oil industry publication), have been reprinting conclusions from a 2016 Fraser Institute press release suggesting that proportional representation will drive up …

Myth #7: Was there “no consensus”?

By Fair Vote Canada
March 6, 2017

  Was there a lack of consensus to move ahead with proportional representation? “The Liberal talking points on electoral reform: a collection that belongs in an alternative facts class of its own.”– National affairs writer Chantal Hebert One of the …

MYTH #6 – Is a “Ranked Ballot” a Voting System??

By Fair Vote Canada
December 17, 2014

When discussing electoral reform options for Canada, the mainstream media is spreading a lot of confusion about “ranked ballots”. Controversy makes a more appealing story, and the most common way the electoral reform options are presented is “ranked ballots versus …

MYTH #5 – “Is Proportional Representation Unconstitutional?”

By Fair Vote Canada
December 16, 2014

Is Proportional Representation Unconstitutional? Opponents sometimes claim that proportional representation means amending the constitution or could be subject to a constitutional challenge. In fact, proportional representation designed for Canada – whether Mixed Member Proportional, Single Transferable Vote, or a hybrid …

MYTH #4 “Will we get anything done??”

By Fair Vote Canada
December 15, 2014

When Parties Have to Work Together, How Does Anything Get Done? One variation of the “instability” myth brought up by opponents is the related idea that when people of different parties must work together, nothing will get done. Sometimes this …

MYTH #3: “Should we expect ‘Unstable Governments’??”

By Fair Vote Canada
December 14, 2014

Does Proportional Representation Mean Unstable Governments? There’s hardly a mainstream media news article out there which doesn’t allude to this myth in some way – that making our votes count will supposedly lead to “instability.” Sometimes the claims are extreme, …

MYTH #2: “Will my MP be Accountable? or Appointed?”

By Fair Vote Canada
November 6, 2014

  Opponents of proportional representation for Canada often claim that making every vote count will lead to “unaccountable MPs”. Sometimes they refer to “appointed MPs” and “lists of party hacks”. It is argued that there is something special and unique …

MYTH #1: “Will Parties Multiply Like Rabbits??”

By Fair Vote Canada
November 5, 2014

  When opponents claim that proportional representation in Canada will lead to “fringe parties”*, they haven’t done their homework. All models of proportional representation for Canada, whether Mixed Member Proportional or Single Transferable Vote, are moderately proportional systems. Both are …