Breaking: BC Gov. Announces PR Referendum Legislation!

BREAKING NEWS: The BC goverment has just announced legislation for the referendum on proportional representation! The campaign is officially on!

The government’s just-released legislation – indicating that they have committed to a fair threshold (50%+1) and are considering giving voters more choice on the ballot – is really good news for our campaign.  This decision indicates that the government has taken into account the evidence from the seven electoral reform referendums in Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Both PEI and NZ won proportional representation with a ballot that gave voters more choice.

Campaigning for the principle of proportional representation unites us all to focus our message on what is most important: How proportional representation makes democracy better for everyone in BC! 

Support for proportional representation in BC is strong – at 65% in the most recent poll last week. 

This campaign won’t easy. Already opponents have been churning out fear-mongering pieces in BC’s mainstream media. We’ll need your help to build a huge campaign to reach as many BC voters as possible! 

With many voters angry about Justin Trudeau’s broken promise, and the positive leadership of the BC NDP and BC Greens on this issue, awareness of proportional representation has never been higher.

We CAN succeed this time, if we grow this campaign together!

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