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BC Parties and Proportional Representation

The BC provincial election is on May 9, 2017. Let’s elect MLAs committed to making every vote count!

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The BC Greens platform on PR was released April 17, 2017. It states:

“A BC Green government will introduce a proportional voting system in time for the 2021 provincial general election.

  • Many analysts say that the “first past the post system” reinforces feelings of disempowerment amongst citizens, because it is possible for a party that receives 40% of the vote to form government, and a party that receives 30% of the vote to get few or no seats.
  • This feeling of disconnection leads to low voter turnout, and a lack of trust in politicians and the system. Democratic reform will enhance representation, and encourage collaboration between political parties.
  • Consultation will take place on the exact form of proportional representation to be adopted.”




The NDP platform on PR was released April 13, 2017. It states:

“Making every vote count

Our current first-past-the-post voting system isn’t working. Parties that don’t get 50 per cent of the vote get all the power and the voices of minority groups often go unheard. It’s time for a system where every vote counts.

John Horgan and the BC NDP would hold a referendum on changing our voting system to a proportional system. We’ll ensure BC’s regions are all represented fairly and we will campaign for the “yes” side.”



“Our government has put two proposals in front of British Columbians to reform the electoral system:

  • 2005 – following recommendations from the Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform, voters were asked if they wanted to move to a single transferable vote (STV).
  • 2009 – the electorate was asked whether to keep first-past-the post system or move to STV. 

Each referendum failed to obtain the required number of votes. As a result, Today’s BC Liberals have no plans to replace the existing first-past-the-post electoral system.”

What You Can Do and Resources

1) Ask a question about each party’s commitment to proportional representation at your local all candidates meeting. Such as: “Do you support proportional representation? What do you and your party commit to do to make sure that every vote counts?” This shows the candidates and media that this issue is important to constituents. 

2) Bring our postcard-size handouts to your local debate or other places in your community (see image with back and front combined below). If you would like some to distribute, please email us at and we will mail them to you ASAP!

3) Print off our Make Every Vote Count double-sided flyer to distribute! 

4) Social media shareable posters! 
Pie Chart: Votes/Seats/Power
Votes/Seats/Power Graph
Corporate Donations and Accountability
False Majorities List
Voters who elect no-one

5) Ask your candidates their positions on PR on social media such as facebook and twitter and share their responses widely. You can also follow @FairVoteCanada and like to share our posts related to the BC election.

6) Join the Fair Vote Canada BC campaign writers group to respond to articles in the media with letters to the editor, online via Twitter, Facebook, or comment threads. Subscribe by sending an email to:

7) Support Fair Vote Canada! Help us grow our campaign to make every vote count by donating to our campaign. 


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