We asked NDP Candidates Key Questions on How They Would Deliver Proportional Representation.

Scroll down and click on images to see their individual responses.

With the help of our NDP caucus (“New Democrats for Fair Voting”) we have put together three key questions to assess each NDP Candidate’s commitment to ensuring electoral reform will remain a high priority under their mandate should they win the leadership contest.

Here are the questions:

  1. Leading up to the 2019 election, will you build on the strong role played by Nathan Cullen and Alexandre Boulerice in championing proportional representation in the ERRE and keep fighting for proportional representation as a high-profile priority in the current Parliament and in public?

  2. In the 2019 election will you make a platform commitment to implement proportional representation in time for the following election, make it a key campaign issue, and encourage all NDP candidates to follow suit?

  3. As NDP Leader, in a minority parliament, would you make proportional representation a necessary condition for any alliance or for supporting any minority government?

Please click on the Candidate to see how they answered our questions:







If you would like to elect the best candidate to Make Every Vote Count, August 17th is the last day you can sign-up with the NDP to elect a new leader: www.ndp.ca

If you would like to help Fair Vote Canada with our 2019 Plan to elect only candidates that have taken action on electoral reform to make your vote count, please check out the plan and donate here: https://secure.fairvote.ca/en/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=26

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